Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Quilter in the making.......

Hi all,

Haven't done a lot of sewing no new photos to post....just a little story to tell. Its school holidays here at the moment, and although I have sent my son on a holiday to his grandfathers, I still have a child at home, and today I had 2 more as well........Total of 3 girls!!

I decided since 2 out of the 3 girls are both only 3, they could amuse themselves with the coloring books, trampoline and the cubby house.......the older she is a different matter...what to do?? idea.....she is quite a crafty girl, so lets get her quilting!!

A trip to the local favorite shop..Threadbare Quilting, and we had a small stash of fabric for her and a roll of vliesofix. Came home...applied the vliesofix to the back of the fabric and she proceeded to cut out butterflies and flowers..a basket and some stems.
We had bought a large piece of calico, so we have started her off designing an applique quilt...she did a FANTASTIC job!! What an eye for placement...some of her butterflies were too she set her mind to a few smaller ones...End result for the day was a great start to what will be her very own quilt.

We have decided before we iron any down..she is going to take it home and have a play and when its just right...I will pack up the machine and take it to her for her to stitch down her applique.

She was very pleased with the result she had achieved and she had blown me away with how quickly she had picked this up....I think I may have created a monster!!!
Anyway, we had a great day and when its getting closer to finished I shall post a pic so you can all see what a fantastic job she has done.
Best be off now...Hubby is taking me out for tea for my birthday...Chat soon, Rach