Sunday, August 15, 2010

More unfinished works..............

2 new photos for you to check out, one is the nearly finished star quilt, since taking the photo, I have done a little more, so next update may be the finished quilt. (I hope)
The center of the star has been all hand pieced, and I set it into the center square by hand also, only using the machine to put the outer borders on.Has been a long time getting this far, I seemed to lose enthusiasm for a while, but I am now eager to get it finished for the Goldfields Quilters exhibition in October.

The other photo was my work, done today at The Farm. Once every 3 months a group of us quilters meet in Woodend for a special day of a little quilt history and a little sewing, a little gossip, a little show and tell and a little fun. The day is run by the wonderful Robyn Falloon and Jan Baker
Part of the day is receiving exclusive patterns from Robyn, of which I have taken some and started a new quilt.....not sure how this might work yet, all blocks are different sizes, and different colors. I think it may be a challenge to piece it all together when finished, but I am looking forward to that part of the challenge also.

I have completed 3 blocks, the 4th is ready and another larger one glued and ready to go. I really enjoy the days, and love to listen about the quilt history, as I am a new quilter these are things I am yet to learn. Jan is a wealth of knowledge about quilt history, and I find I learn a lot on these days.

Anyway, must dash,

Rach xo