Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exhibition 2010

Well....its been a busy and exciting 2 weeks, I finally finished and got back my star quilt, rushed the binding on, spent 2 days home with a sick child which allowed me time to sew it down, and then delivered it off for the Goldfields Quilters Exhibition.

Last night was our opening night...members were all invited to attend for wine and nibbles (awesome) and the winners were announced.

Congratulations to my friends Lynn, and Lyn, Heather and Alison.....all were well deserving award winners.

Lynne won "Best use of Color" for her Tree of Life,
Lyn won "Best of Show" with The Morrell Quilt...a pattern by the wonderful Di Ford
Heather won "the Judges Commendation" for her Betsy's Bouquet, pattern by Ruth Bowman
and Alison won "Best Small Quilt" for Liams Quilt.... a crib quilt made for her latest grandson, all done in red and white...looked fantastic.

and I am happy to say I won a prize also....."Best First Time Entrant" for my quilt "When North meets South"
to say I was shocked and overjoyed would be an understatement..... gobsmacked was more like it.....and it made it all the more special as our guest judge was Margaret McDonald, a wonderful quilt designer I have had the luck to be able to have as a teacher in a few classes I have done at Threadbear Quilting.

I also entered another 2 quilts, and was very proud to see them hanging along side work of the very highest of quality.

Congratulations to Heather and the rest of the exhbition committee, you all have done a wonderful job.

now fingers crossed I win the raffle quilt xoxoox


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When North meets South............


I have been waiting til I have had something exciting to post, and today is the day!!

Today, my much loved star quilt is has been a design of my own, after being shown some Native American Star Blanket Designs......and of course, for those that know me...its BLUE.

I picked up my quilt from Margaret at the Quilt Station today....she has done a FANTASTIC JOB..... I LOVE IT.

What is in the photo is just the top....but as soon as I can get it hanging somewhere I will take more pics so you can see the fabulous quilting on it.

I have named it "When North meets South" for a reason, the idea came from Canada, and I am in Australia....can 2 countries get further apart??

It has been nearly 12 months in the times I put it away, and just didnt have the motivation to get it finished....FINALLY its done :)

ok...time for binding and rod pocket, ready for exhibition in 2 weeks :)

Have fun, Rach xo

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More unfinished works..............

2 new photos for you to check out, one is the nearly finished star quilt, since taking the photo, I have done a little more, so next update may be the finished quilt. (I hope)
The center of the star has been all hand pieced, and I set it into the center square by hand also, only using the machine to put the outer borders on.Has been a long time getting this far, I seemed to lose enthusiasm for a while, but I am now eager to get it finished for the Goldfields Quilters exhibition in October.

The other photo was my work, done today at The Farm. Once every 3 months a group of us quilters meet in Woodend for a special day of a little quilt history and a little sewing, a little gossip, a little show and tell and a little fun. The day is run by the wonderful Robyn Falloon and Jan Baker
Part of the day is receiving exclusive patterns from Robyn, of which I have taken some and started a new quilt.....not sure how this might work yet, all blocks are different sizes, and different colors. I think it may be a challenge to piece it all together when finished, but I am looking forward to that part of the challenge also.

I have completed 3 blocks, the 4th is ready and another larger one glued and ready to go. I really enjoy the days, and love to listen about the quilt history, as I am a new quilter these are things I am yet to learn. Jan is a wealth of knowledge about quilt history, and I find I learn a lot on these days.

Anyway, must dash,

Rach xo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In love with Stars...............

I am currently having a love affair with stars, specifically 8 pointed stars. I recently began hand piecing a large 8 pointed star, and last Sunday did a class at Threadbear in Castlemaine with the talented and wonderful quilter Margaret McDonald.

The class was called "Touch" and was a pattern of Margaret's, which has 9 stars set into a solid background, the appeal for me was to learn how to machine piece the 8 pointed star, as the hand piecing was going so very slowly........

The aim of the day was to have one diamond (1 point of the 8) finished before lunch, which I managed with not too much difficulty. After lunch we were to do a couple more and learn how to put them together. I managed 7 out of 8 points for the day...nearly one whole star done :) :)

The use of mirrors, for those who are thinking a star might be for them, are worth their weight in gold....being able to see a finished star, having only laid out one point, assists greatly in your color placement.

I used a range of fabrics from Moda, called Fig and Plum.....I was trying not to have to think too hard about what color went where. I find if I don't try too hard, the colors come naturally, I know what I like and what I don't like, everything else just falls into place after that.
I had a wonderful day as usual, I have never done a class where I haven't learned a LOT and had a wonderful day. If you ever get a chance to do one of Margaret's classes I highly recommend them, she is a wonderful teacher and very easy to learn from.

Its now time for me to get on with it and get some more done, but first, I have to finish the hand pieced one, the centre block is almost finished, and should only take another week or so to get the rest done, of course it will be a busy week next week, having the Victorian Quilters Exhibition on at Jeff's Shed in Melbourne, so possibly the quilt might get done the week after, unless something else pops up in the meantime :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally an update

Hi All,

Sorry its been so long, have had quite a busy time here lately, but winter has set in, which means more time inside for sewing :)

I have a few new projects on the go....a Star Quilt, inspired by my friend Adrian, who sent me a few links to look at, and of course I said....thats the next quilt. I am paper piecing an 8 pointed star in various hand dyed blues (of course its blue) and as soon as the star is finished I will post a photo.

Our local quilters guild held a workshop last weekend, which resulted in about 20 blocks finished towards a new quilt, photos can be seen on the Goldfields Quilters blog, which I have listed, hope you enjoy having a look at the work we do :) We had a great day, wonderful lunch, lots of laughter of course, and I am hanging out for the next day, I seem to get so much more done with others around to inspire me.

My friend Margaret has her blog up and running, and of course hers will have updates more regularly than mine.... :) Well worth a look at the wonderful work she does.
You can find the link at the side of my page. Quilt Station, check out her VERY organised work area... I am very jealous. :)

Well, must be off, I have no kids today, so lots of sewing is in order while I have peace and quiet. xoxo Rach

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Quilter in the making.......

Hi all,

Haven't done a lot of sewing no new photos to post....just a little story to tell. Its school holidays here at the moment, and although I have sent my son on a holiday to his grandfathers, I still have a child at home, and today I had 2 more as well........Total of 3 girls!!

I decided since 2 out of the 3 girls are both only 3, they could amuse themselves with the coloring books, trampoline and the cubby house.......the older she is a different matter...what to do?? idea.....she is quite a crafty girl, so lets get her quilting!!

A trip to the local favorite shop..Threadbare Quilting, and we had a small stash of fabric for her and a roll of vliesofix. Came home...applied the vliesofix to the back of the fabric and she proceeded to cut out butterflies and flowers..a basket and some stems.
We had bought a large piece of calico, so we have started her off designing an applique quilt...she did a FANTASTIC job!! What an eye for placement...some of her butterflies were too she set her mind to a few smaller ones...End result for the day was a great start to what will be her very own quilt.

We have decided before we iron any down..she is going to take it home and have a play and when its just right...I will pack up the machine and take it to her for her to stitch down her applique.

She was very pleased with the result she had achieved and she had blown me away with how quickly she had picked this up....I think I may have created a monster!!!
Anyway, we had a great day and when its getting closer to finished I shall post a pic so you can all see what a fantastic job she has done.
Best be off now...Hubby is taking me out for tea for my birthday...Chat soon, Rach

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little more done........

Hi All.....sorry it has been so long since the last post...we have been busy with the kids and have had a holiday in Perth, Western Australia. Awesome place to go...lots to do.

Have done a little more towards Anns Legacy.....Center Panel now completed....border and all. My quilty friend Lynn and I are doing this quilt at the same time....great for a little motivation...I push her...she pushes me. We decided to use the same 1st border fabric even though our backgrounds and other fabrics are different, but it is a different fabric from the one used by Di Ford in her quilt....which of course meant we had to adjust the curves and corners to suit our fabric.....hard work!!!!
Luckily Lynn's talented husband helped us work out our curves and Voila...its done!!
Took it away for the weekend and got it all sewn down......Fussy cut hexagons on and now put aside til the borders are completed.
They are next....just as soon as I manage to find some glue from somewhere........fabric glue is in short supply here at the moment!!
Happy sewing til next time.