Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally an update

Hi All,

Sorry its been so long, have had quite a busy time here lately, but winter has set in, which means more time inside for sewing :)

I have a few new projects on the go....a Star Quilt, inspired by my friend Adrian, who sent me a few links to look at, and of course I said....thats the next quilt. I am paper piecing an 8 pointed star in various hand dyed blues (of course its blue) and as soon as the star is finished I will post a photo.

Our local quilters guild held a workshop last weekend, which resulted in about 20 blocks finished towards a new quilt, photos can be seen on the Goldfields Quilters blog, which I have listed, hope you enjoy having a look at the work we do :) We had a great day, wonderful lunch, lots of laughter of course, and I am hanging out for the next day, I seem to get so much more done with others around to inspire me.

My friend Margaret has her blog up and running, and of course hers will have updates more regularly than mine.... :) Well worth a look at the wonderful work she does.
You can find the link at the side of my page. Quilt Station, check out her VERY organised work area... I am very jealous. :)

Well, must be off, I have no kids today, so lots of sewing is in order while I have peace and quiet. xoxo Rach

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