Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Friendship block done

Friendship Block got done and I made it to our Local quilters gathering....with time to spare!! Obviously you all can tell I tend to leave things til the last minute! I try really hard not too but its just the way I am.

Got 2 and a half birds sewn on my nearly complete centre block of Di Ford's Ann's Legacy...what an effort this is. This is my first needle turn quilt....and I think I have dropped myself in the deep end in a major way. Things are going well so far and photos to follow. 4 flowers of hexagons and another bird and a half and it will be ready for the border of solid fabric. The whole time I am sewing this quilt I am feeling guilty because I am supposed to be piecing Nearly Insane......I am supposed to have Nearly Insane finished by April....lots of dedicated sewing time ahead of me to make that deadline I think. The kids will be living on Peanut Butter sandwiches..HA HA

Above is a photo of one months blocks of nearly insane ...we do 6 a month and pay a penalty of a block of chocolate if they are not done, I am adding to the chocolate pile every month let me tell you. Mine are the ones on the left of the photo, in the row from top to bottom, we made the agreement that we would pin them all up to compare how every ones looked and differed depending on the colors we had chosen, as you can see mine are all blues with one cream....not easy to decide which blue to put where let me tell you!!! Anyway better get back to making a Peanut Butter sandwich for the kids and sewing these birds on!

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